Mar 23, 2014

An Honest Acne No More Review

Acne No More Reviews

Mike Walden’s Acne No More is the only holistic step-by-step skin clearing system that has been clinically proven to work. Over 138,000 people in over 150 countries have used this system to rid themselves of acne and have clearer skin.

Mike used to suffer with severe acne. With Acne No More, he reveals the only ways to holistically get rid of your acne, rid yourself of breakouts, regain your inner balance naturally, and achieve the clear skin that you deserve. You will not hear about this system anywhere else. Read on to find out why you should buy Acne No More.

This system and the step-by-step guide will show you how to:

• Cure your acne permanently within only two months.

• See results within seven days

• Eliminate excessive oiliness and redness, as well as blackheads

• Remove your scars and acne marks

• Rebuild your self-image and self-esteem by helping you feel and look better

• Dramatically improve your quality of life

You will have the clearest skin of your life. This system:

• Does not advocate using drugs, creams, or ointments to clear the acne

• Works on all different types of acne: rosacea, blackheads, vulgaris, conglobata, cysts, and whiteheads

• Works on both adult and teen acne, and acne on the back, shoulders, chest, neck, or face

This will work faster than you ever dreamed could be possible, even if you have very severe acne.

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 Acne No More


There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you buy acne no more.

• Do you have any type of acne- and any severity- on your back, face, chest or shoulders?

• Do you have itchy and peeling skin caused by drugs and chemicals?

• Do you have large pores and oily skin?

• Has your acne caused you to have low self-esteem, worry, anxiety and depression? Do you avoid hanging out with friends or going out because of your acne?

• Have you spent lots of time and money on acne solutions- both prescription and over the counter that haven’t worked?

• Do you desperately want to get rid of your acne for good, but have no clue where to even start to find the right treatment?

4 Facts about Acne

There are four things about acne that you should know in order to be able to fully understand what causes acne and what you can do to control and even eliminate the causes and symptoms for good.

1) There is a lot of conflicting, often ineffective, information out there on treating acne. If you are an acne sufferer, you have most likely been given lots of conflicting advice on how to deal with it and treat it- you’re probably confused. There are some out there who tell you to avoid carbohydrates, soy, and fruits. However, others say that soy is good for you, and whole grains and some fruit doesn’t interfere with the healing process of acne. Some recommend B-5, others say you should avoid it. There are so many different examples of this conflicting advice. Their arguments are totally logical, but which one do you believe?

The Acne No More program was developed after over seven years of 30,000 hours of research and countless dollars spent on experiments. It has already helped lots of acne sufferers worldwide to achieve a permanent cure for their acne- if followed correctly.

Big Acnes

2) The solution to acne is not medication. When you use these acne medications, you are actually aggravating your condition over time and your acne and health will get worse without you realizing it. Pain and embarrassment caused from your acne can tempt you to visit the dermatologist, but don’t do that.

There are antibiotic medications available for acne that work by decreasing inflammation and fighting bacteria- which, though it works in the short term, it is a very destructive solution. Many of the other commonly prescribed acne medications cause very destructive, dangerous long term effects. Sometimes, steroids are prescribed, and while they work on the acne, in the long run they cause stress on your liver.

The Acne No More program is a holistic program that doesn’t use drugs or other medications to “treat” your acne.

3) Topical treatments, creams, and cleansers do not cure acne. They are only designed to fight the symptoms of acne. Topical describes those that you apply to your skin instead of take orally. These include gels, creams, lotions, liquids, and powders. Most commonly, peroxide is used, which reduces symptoms by killing the bacteria and unblocking the sebum glands pores.

None of these acne treatments will cure your acne, even though they alleviate the symptoms. Acne is an internal problem with an external manifestation.

Acne No More system shows you how you can repair the internal causes of your acne with all-natural methods, tackling the root cause instead of applying topical treatments.

4) Acne is not simply a skin problem- it is an internal and systematic issue. It affects your entire body, and manifests itself as acne. Our bodies are designed to protect us against infection- yes, acne is a skin infection- it is warning us that there is something wrong internally. If you don’t take the time to diagnose and fix the problem, you will have far more chronic and severe disorders later on.

If you suffer from acne, you should buy Acne No More and treat your acne holistically instead of with lots of medications and topical treatments.

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